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Robert Powell
Sarah's Robert Powell site
Robert Powell fansclub
This forum hosts a very active community of Robert Powell fans
Robert Powell Group
Another forum for Robert Powell fans
The Wikipedia article on Robert Powell
YouTube video:
Sharon Maughan and Robert Powell in BBC's Breakfast
Holby City
Official site
The BBC's site for Holby City. Contains videos of the series, spoilers, etc. Here you can find the address to write him.
Holby TV
This excellent site is a community of fans of Holby City. You'll find excellent discussions on the boards, comments on each episode and screencaps from the latest episodes aired.
YouTube videos
Tricia's death 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Tricia & Mark wedding 1, 2 , 3, 4, 5
Random scenes 1, 2
Jesus of Nazareth
This site contains passages of the Bible illustrated by pictures from the film.
The Detectives
The Wikipedia article on The Detectives
Episode Witness on YouTube
The best bit of the episode Sparring Partners on YouTube
The best bit of the episode Collared on YouTube
TV Tome
Here you can find all the episodes and comments on the series.
 The 39 Steps
This site is about The 39 Steps. There is a section dedicated to Hannay but it's always under construction...
Opening credits
The Plastic Eaters
This forum is for the nostalgic Doomwatch fans.
Clive Banks
This site contains the episode list and comments
The Wikipedia article on Doomwatch
A scene from Doomwatch where you can see a very young and lovely Robert Powell wrestling with a rat!
The Asphyx
 British horror films
This site contains a review of the film
This site contains a review of the film
Mahler & Tommy
Savage Messiah
A very interesting and complete site dedicated to Ken Russell and his films.
What waits below
Bad movies
This site contains a funny review of the film and audio bits from the film.
Colour me Kubrick
The French promotional site. Contains pictures, trailers, etc.
The Survivor
The trailer on YouTube