About me

about me
My name is Gisela, and as you can see I'm not Robert Powell! I'm just his fan number one. I'm from Mexico, but I live in Paris, France. I discovered Robert more than ten years ago when I saw him in Hannay in the mexican tv. Immediately I fell in love of this excellent actor with such beautiful eyes and smile!

At that moment I started my quest! I wanted to know all about Robert Powell! I was sure he had done more things than just one tv series and hopefully I was right! It took me more than ten years to know and gather all the information I know now.

I realised my dream of meeting him (twice!) in 2004 when I took the Eurostar to see him on stage in The Picture of Dorian Gray, where he did an excellent performance and he's a nice person as well!

I've seen 38 films and tv series (and a stage play!) with him. About the films and tv series it took me a lot of work, but thanks to many wonderful people I finally got them. I would like to thank Dolores and Sandi in the United States, Angélica in Mexico, Christopher in Canada, Jennifer in Australia, Claire and Steph in England and many thanks to Mr Zanussi in Poland.

Talking about me, I like to travel, I love films and specially British actors (OK who else besides Robert? Alan Rickman!), I love reading British, French and Latin American authors as well. I like to write, but it's been a long time since I left unfinished the novel I was preparing. I will continue one day! As soon as I finish with this site! 

My favorite Robert Powell films are The Long Conversation With The Bird, Imperative and Hannay, among many others. I don't hate any film (there are some I really didn't like) but there's something that annoys me a lot is the people who can't see that Robert is NOT Jesus and is just an actor. It also annoys me when people only care about that film.