About me

1. Is this the "Official Robert Powell Site"?
Well, once I asked Robert if my site could be called "official", he didn't say no. But I prefer to call it a fan site, because I'm the author of most of the information gathered here (biography, films, etc.) and I "may" be wrong on some subjects, even if I did my best to put the right information.

2. Are you Robert Powell?
NO!!! I am NOT Robert Powell, nor I'm related to him, nor I'm his assistant, secretary, etc.!!!! Incredible it's difficult to understand for some of my visitors! I receive incredible e-mails from people really think they are writing to him! So please understand, I am a FAN, just a fan like (maybe?) you too. I cannot provide you with his personal address or e-mail simply because I don't have it! 

3. Where did you get all the information and pictures?
It took me ages, years of work and researches to gather all this. I did my best to see all of his works, but if I hadn't, I took some information from other sites. The pictures come from the Internet and most of them are screen captures I took from the films. Except for the few pictures I took myself of Robert Powell and the logo also made by myself, all the pictures have rights and belong to their owners (and they are too many!). The aim of this site is to share information and pictures about Robert Powell, I don't get money for this, so I'm using all the pictures for information purposes.

4. Why it is "Powellisimo" and not "Powellissimo"?
Simply because I'm Spanish speaker, not Italian!!! So there's no mistake, even if at the beginning I thought Powellissimo with 2 S was cooler!

5. Can I copy the information/pictures of this site and put them in my site?
I've seen some of you have done it! (yes, I spy you). It seems I cannot say a word because I do the same, however, when I find information on other sites, except for the interviews where I put it exactly as it is and name the sources, I seldom copy word for word, I always try to "get inspired" and write something different. As you see I'm not English native, so I make many mistakes, and when you copy the information from this site, please, at least correct the grammar mistakes!

6. How often do you update the site?
As often as Robert does a new film! Which gives me a lot of free time! In fact the site has changed of image three times, and every time I update it. It's impossible to me to update it everyday because I don't have that much of new information of what he does and also because it takes a lot of time and this is just a hobbie among others.

7. Does the site will be available in other languages?
Definitely not! Firstly because I'm only fluent in these three languages and even if I learn another language this is a lot of work (if you see I have to write three time the same things!).