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D'annunzio (1986)

Also Known As D'Annunzio and I & Love Sins
Director Sergio Nasca
Cast Robert Powell, Stefania Sandrelli, Florence Guérin, 
Paolo Bonacelli, Sonia Petrovna

The life of Annunzio, the begining of his success of the period 1887-1891, when already married, he cultivated his love for Elvira Fraternal Leoni, called by him Barbara "whom gives and forgives everything". About the bed warrior and the omnipotent lascivious poet Nasca had made a film active and fussy in the reconstruction of the time and a little illustrative, alluding to a judgement of the character vetoed with healthy evilness. 


As you see in the image, Robert looks great with that beard!! The film is a bit slow and contains many hot scenes! Another detail, a part Florence Guérin, all the other actors also appeared with Robert in Il Segno del Comando.

My Favorite Scenes