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the asphyx (1973)

Director  Peter Newbrook
Cast Robert Stephens, Robert Powell, Jean Lapotaire

Sir Hugo Cunningham is a filantropist, researcher of the psychic phenomena. He has discovered in many pictures the mytical spirit of the death, the Asphyx. That's how he now is planning to catch his own Asphyx in order to be immortal. But when he tries to catch his family's Asphyx and plays with the forces of the life and death, he's overwhelmed by the ambition of power and eternal life. This ambition will make him lose everything he loves.


In this film I feel sympathy for Giles, who has to be between the love he feels for Christina and the support he dues to his adoptive father with his strange experiments.

The methods to catch the Asphyx reminds me of the ghostbusters... but this is much better!

And, do you know why I loved this film? Think... have you ever seen strange blurs in a photo? have you ever met someone who swears that blur has the shape of someone who's died? After all, the idea is exellent and in this film it was well taken.

Another interesting thing is the paradoxe that at the begining of the film Sir Hugo is against the death penalty, but he agrees to take pictures of a hanged in search of his Asphyx. Also he uses all the ways known to execute: the electric chair, the guillotin and the gas chamber.
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