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once on chunuk bair (1992)

Director  Dale G. Bradley
Cast Robert Powell, Kevin J. Wilson, Danny Mulheron
In its centuries-long role as the premiere empire in the world, Britain had a long history of putting political expediency over what most would consider to be the demands of common humanity. In this wartime drama, the Wellington Regiment,composed entirely of empire subjects from New Zealand, is being used in suicide missions (along with other colonial regiments) during World War I in order to spare the lives of British soldiers. The battle this story focuses on takes place on a hill in Turkey named ChunukBair.
The only copy I could obtain of this film is in German! So I saw it and however I understood what was happening on screen. I'm sure it's a good film and Robert is fine on it. Anyway, I love languages, so one of these days I'll learn German! This film was awarded in New Zealand.
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