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looking for clancy (1975)

Director  Bill Hays
Cast Robert Powell

Looking For Clancy was a weekly tv series shown in the BBC. The plot was based around two childhood friends Clancy (played by Robert Powell) and Dick. The story tells about their impoverished childhood and how did they manage to realise their dreams of working in the newspaper industry as journalists. 

Whilst Clancy becomes a successful and accomplished man (he is editor of a newspaper), Dick becomes an alcoholic and depressive war reporter, haunted by his souvenirs of war.

I have never seen this tv series, but I got a very detailed review from a fan which helped me to write the plot. So in this section I'll add his comments :

"The story is haunting and has many elements that should have afforded it the rating of cult in British television history. For instance, it is told like a dream with flashbacks to the past, it is Dark and moody and shows us, in Clancey and his friend both sides of the same dream. Both sides of the same coin!"
"When the two were young boys they used to flip an old fashioned penny coin on the cobbled streets in grim surroundings -  to decide on thier future course in life. It is as a result of this that the two characters end up where they do and it is further uncanny that Clancy surpasses even his own expectations while Dick meets the other side of the coin.
My Favorite Scenes  
I wish I had any scene to show you! But I've been unable to find any picture or anything about this show. However, from what I was told by Andy (who helped me with the review ) is that...

***** SPOILER ALERT***** 

... Dick commits suicide in the same way Robert's roomate in the film Running Scared, and is also found dead by Clancy, just like Robert's character in Running Scared.