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doomwatch (1971)

Director  Paul  Ciappesoni, Terence Dudley
Cast John Paul, Simon Oates, Robert Powell

Doomwatch is the nickname of a scientific group with the power to assess new technology and ban dangerous developments. It wasn't supposed to cause trouble, but unfortunately for the government, this watchdog inisists on biting.


This series from the script editor of Dr Who is a blend of Mission Impossible and X-files but ecological. I've just seen two episodes:

The plastic eaters: a group of scientists have created a corrosive substance capable to dissolve waste plastic, but this substance can be spread like a virus and provokes a plane crash. Toby Wren has the mission to bring back the rests of the plane to be examinated, but accidentally he infects his own plane!

Tomorrow the rat: in the quest to make a superman, a scientist experiments with rats, but these rats are very clever and dangerous!

In spite of being created more than 30 years ago, the subjects are anchored in scientific fact and closer to reality. What is interesting is that, as in the X-files, the real enemy is closer than we think. That is the government, who will manage to cover the origins of every phenomena or trouble to which the team are faced to.
My Favorite Scenes  
If you expect me to put here the famous "rat scene" you can keep waiting!!!
I care too much for Robert to ever dare put that scene!!!

For those who haven't seen it and don't know what I'm talking about, it's a scene from the episode "Tomorrow, the rat" in which Robert fights with a serial killer rat (no comments). The rat is a prop, they could have used something more realistic however.

Anyway, Robert's performance is credible as usual and made the scene a bit less ridiculous. And NO, you won't seen any picture! Find them somewhere else!
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