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the mistery of edwin drood (1993)

Director Timothy Forder
Cast Robert Powell, Finty Williams, Jonathan Phillips
Charles Dickens' murder mystery about the disappearance of a young man, setting in in motion a dark scheme involving the man's lover, a rival, and a village choirmaster, ultimately revealing the social injustice of the times.


Dicken's last novel, unfinished, has proved to present interesting challenges to readers, actors, directors, or anyone associated with its production whether on stage or screen. Some production have invited the audience to participate in creative ways.  For instance, some audiences vote on who the murderer might be based on evident clues along the way. If one wanted to have some fun with this story, there  are at least three characters who could have been the murderer. It has also been produced several times as a musical!

The film, starring Robert Powell, chose to identify the murderer undoubtedly acting on a rumor that Dickens, in confidence, told a relative who the murderer really was. In the novel, Drood's body is never found which makes the mystery even more intriguing - real "who done it".

Jasper, portrayed by Powell, is an opium-addicted choir master, smitten with his nephew's betrothed, Rosa. He's truly "Dickensonian" in his base intentions towards Rosa, his self loathing, his twisted sense of concern for the disappearence of his nephew Edwin or Ned who he call his "dear boy", and a thinly-veiled contempt for almost everyone in the tale. Powell seems to relish the opportunity to portray a scoundrel for a change. He also has the opportunity to show us his wide range of acting skills which we never tire of seeing. I just wish the Mystery of Edwin Drood had been a little more mysterious.
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