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the first circle (1991)

Director Sheldon Larry
Cast Robert Powell, F. Murray Abraham, Christopher Plummer, 
Laurent Malet, Corinne Touzet


Based on the book written by Alexander Solhenitsyn in which he denounced the regime under Stalin. Here we have two histories, one about Gleb Nershin (Robert Powell), an idealist against the regime, who is in prison and forced to put his science at the service of the regime; and the story of a top member of the government found guilty of betrayal.


This mini series is not very long (4 hours), and is really excellent. Well filmed and with great performances, both stories are really moving and interesting. F. Murray Abraham plays a paranoiac Stalin and Christopher Plummer, unrecognizable, plays his clown, an incompetent but ambitious General.
My Favorite Scenes  
The kiss!!!!! Oh my God the kiss!!!!!