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frankenstein (1984)

Director James Ormeron
Cast Robert Powell, David Warner, Sir John Gielgud, 
Carrie Fisher
Locked away in the laboratory of his castle, doctor Victor Frankenstein tries to put his theory into practice: resurrect a dead body with massive electrical charges. But the experiment goes wrong and the result is a hideously creature, which, in terrible pain and panic, escapes into the surrounding countryside. But soon he'll feel alone and lack of sympathy, so he'll find his creator to make him create a friend for him.
Frankenstein is my favourite book, and I was so glad to know that Robert Powell took part in a version of this excellent story. This adaptation takes characters and situations from the book, but it doesn't follow the complete story (such a pity because Robert is good as Victor Frankenstein!). The most beautiful part is when the creature encounters the blind man, who plays a flute instead of a violin, as in the book. Kenneth Branagh copied the idea of the flute for his film!

Anyway, it's well performed, David Warner plays a very sympathetic creature and Robert Powell, as usual, is great. But in my opinion I think this film is too short and there are wonderful parts that could have been developed, like when Victor is faced to the creature who asks if his creator is God, "because God is the creator", and almost immediately the creature talks about the boy he killed. We would have loved to hear Robert say something more than "I am not God!". Also it wasn't necessary to torture the tv viewer with that scene in which Carrie Fisher sings!
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