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the italian job (1969)

Director Peter Collinson
Cast Michael Caine, Benny Hill, Noel Coward... Robert Powell
The English mafia clashes with the Italian mafia. To mock of them, an English plans carefully the rob of a gold shipment to the Fiat in Turin. For that, Charlie Crocker (Michael Caine) he joins a team including a reckless computer expert and a group of thick burglars.
This is a very funny film, amusing, in which the real stars are the Mini Coopers. This film contains the best pursuit scene of all times. Robert is one of the burglars, so we can see him just a little. He only has one line and, as usual, he's great.
My Favorite Scenes  
Well, Robert has just one scene, which is lovely because I heard his childish voice, what a pleasure!!! However, like any other human being, my really favorite scene is the Mini Cooper's pursuit in Turin and the music is great!

They used not very far ago to a Nike or Adidas (whatever) football ad with many know players. The music fit excellent but it was never credited where it was took from.

Here's  Robert's scene :