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Laggiu nella giungla (1986)

Director Stefano Reali
Cast Robert Powell, Andreas Ferréol, Tony Vogel

A group of tourists on a trip from Rome to Aquila got down from the bus, which leaves without them. The ten unfortunate tourists try to reach any inhabited place, but they penetrate into a forest, which, by a strange spell, isn't that of Abruzzo's mountains, but a real tropical savanna infested with snakes and savages. It will be hard to survive.

Honestly I didn't like this film. The idea could have been a very good one, but the story keeps  going with a cliché every 5 minutes! Robert Powell plays a scientist who knows everything about everything, the group of tourists is composed of an ex-convict with a big heart who is a sort of superman, a strange guy who discovers that one of the tourists is in fact his lost mother (thumbs down!), the mother of the bad guy, a deaf-and-dumb who miraculously recovers the hearing and speech in this jungle, a gorgeous woman married to a funny little man, and the others are just there to make the group a bit bigger. 
You don't know if this movie takes it serious or is just to laugh. Good question!
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You must be kidding! Nothing! Nothing at all! I hated this film!