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merlin & the crystal cave (1991)

Director Michael Darlow
Cast Robert Powell, George Winter, Ronald Pickup
Merlin's life -- from an orphaned prince to a extraordinary sorcerer -- is explored here. When he wanders into an enchanted cave chock full of magic crystals, Merlin is transformed. Suddenly endowed with the power to successfully cast tremendous spells, the ability to tell the future, AND a knack for homeopathic healing, Merlin embarks on a quest to find his father. Along the way, he encounters many adventures.
To be honest I haven't seen it completely, maybe I became a grumpy old girl but the story is slower at times and the direction is not very good... nor the costumes! Anyway, you can bet I've just seen Robert's scenes and yes! fallen again in love watching him with that long black hair which suits him perfectly!

Well, I have not just critics for this film. One point for the director for the stunning resemblance of the young actors who played Merlin at different ages.

If you're wondering what does Robert do in the film he's Ambrosius, Merlin's lost (and hopefully found 40 minutes after the beginning) father. And yes! in the picture above his hair isn't long, don't worry and believe me!
My Favorite Scenes  
The few scenes with Robert, as usual. However, I'd like someone answers me this terrible and unanswered question : why the hell, at the supposed period of the story, did Robert's character had a perfectly curly short hair when he was young and when he's older he has his hair straight and long? And then, when Ambrosius' ghost appears he has short hair again! WHY?