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pride of africa (1997)

Director Herman Binge
Cast Robert Powell, Ashley Hayden

After having broken the nose of a client, a hunter loses his job of guide in the African jungle. Then he finds a job in a luxury train named "Pride of Africa" as a security chief.

I think this film was a pilot for a new tv series, and I think this is the only one. Too bad! Robert was good in this part! The idea wasn't so bad (you agree with me that nowadays most of the tv series are so stupid!). But I have to recognize that a weakly point on this film was the cast: you can't put Robert with bad actors!

He's marvelous as a hunter so kind and human. In this pilot you have four stories about the passengers of the train. What I learnt here is that a woman can throw a man out of a train! and the man can survive and claim revenge! ha ha. And I also learnt that the same woman can prefer Robert to his young husband, well, that's not fiction, he's so handsome!
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