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secrets (1969)

Director Philip Saville
Cast  Jacqueline Bisset, Robert Powell, Per Oscarsson
Three members of the same family (the father, the mother and their daughter) have  each one a one-day-affair  they'll keep in secret.
This is a very interesting film about the life of three people : Robert, his wife (Jacqueline Bisset) and their daughter, each one of them have a secret.

Robert and Bissett's characters are suffering a crisis in their couple, which in a way explains why they'll have a love affair the same day. In the meantime, their teenager daughter enjoys this time witout her parents, flirting with a young man.

Bisset's character has an affair with a mysterious rich man (Per Oscarsson) who has found on her the double of his death wife. Robert's character has a funny affair with a human ressources woman during a job interview.
My Favorite Scenes  
Definitely the best scene is the one in which Robert passes the job interview! He has to do  one of these psychological exams and while searching the answer Robert's character thinks about his problems. Lovely!