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shaka zulu (1986)

Director William C. Faure
Cast Edward Fox, Robert Powell, Henry Cele

This film tells the story of Shaka, the Zulu warrior who was to become the king of his tribe inspite of being the illegitimate son of the heir to the throne. In 1924 Shaka's troops were closer to the Cape Colony. In an attempt to intimidate Shaka into an alliance with the British Empire, the Secretary of War sends a delegation to inner Africa - where no white man has ever been seen before - to meet with the savage leader.

While en route to Shaka's capital, the crew's doctor saves a girl who is in a coma and nearly buried alive by her tribe. Impressed by both the deed and their horses, Shaka agrees to meet with the crew. And so begins the clash of two cultures, two worlds.


This is a very long mini serie, but very interesting about the life of Shaka. It's very moving and so realistic, definitely a great mini serie from the technical point of view including the performances, which are superbs. The character played by Robert Powell is the most charismatic (I wonder why?) but he's also the most human, and his sincerity wins Shaka's confidence. Even if all along the film we just see Shaka and more Shaka, when Robert doesn't appears he narrates the story, so you'll be delighted anyway!

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