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tommy (1975)

Director Ken Russell
Cast Anne Margret, Oliver Reed, The Who, Robert Powell,
Jack Nicholson, Elton John, Tina Turner, etc!
After witness the murder of his father, a child becomes blind, dumb and deaf. When he grows up, he has a gift, he's good at pinballs, and when he recovers the speech, the sight and the hearing he's followed as a new messiah.

Crap!!!!!! When I told you that Mahler was the only beautiful film by Ken Russell is because it's true! This director is so eccentric, and to confirm it you just have to take a look to his films, but Tommy is... crap! Hopefuly Robert Powell just appears during the first minutes and that's all! If you are fan of The who, Elton John or Tina Turner you will maybe enjoy this movie (frankly, I prefer Pink Floyd's The wall). But apart the first minutes, this film just worths because you can hear Jack Nicholson sing.

* Well, this is just my own and personal opinion, I'm sure this film may have pleased some people...

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