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ASYLUM (1972)

Director  Roy Ward Baker
Cast Peter Cushing, Britt Ekland, Herbert Lom, Robert Powell
A young psychiatrist has to identify the director of an asylum, who's become crazy, through four tales told by the inmates.

This film is great! It's a classic! Indeed the music at the begining of the film has become a classic of horror films (Modest Mussorgsky's Night on a bald mountain). The writer is the autor of Psycho.

For me just the first and the last story are the best, the third one is not bad too.

In the first one, a man and his lover plan the murder of his wife, and once the infamy accomplished, she's cut into pieces and wraped up... but the pieces are there to claim revenge.

The second tale wasn't as good as the others, but at least it has the great Peter Cushing as an esoteric fan. The story is about a tailor who has to make a strange suit which can give life to the death.

The third one is about a confused young woman who can't stop her imaginary friend to kill everybody.

The fourth and last tale is about a scientist who makes little dolls with human faces and thinks he can give them life with his own mind.

In fact it isn't a horror film, but let's try to watch it alone, in the dark... and you'll see if it isn't a thriller!

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