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the detectives (1993 - 1997)

Director Ed Bye, Steve Knight,  Graeme Harper
Cast Robert Powell, Jasper Carrott, George Sewell

In the never-ending, high-tech war against crime, Detective Constables Bob Louis and David Briggs are the Scud missiles of the police arsenal - inefficient, unreliable, and utterly aimless. Accidentally promoted far beyond their level of competence, the Detectives rely on a unique blend of intuition, hunches and inspired guesses... all of them hopelessly wrong.


These series are great! Jasper Carrot is so funny and Robert Powell  shows that he can also amaze us with comedies. These cops are so stupid! but fortunately for them, there will always be someone to solve the case at their place. The character played by Robert is in fact the most incompetent of them (but he doesn't know that) while he takes the other for an idiot (when in fact he isn't so). Such a pity that this tv show isn't available outside England!

My Favorite Scenes  
Well I don't have favorite scenes, the first and second seasons were the best! The last weren't that good. Though they are always funny. You see, The detectives is not the fine British humour we are all used to, but it's still very funny because they are so stupid!
Episode List
Season 1
What The Butler Saw Acting Constables
Hostage Studs
Teed Off Strangers in Paradise
Season 2
Collared Dutch Cops
Witness Sparring Partners
Never Without Protection Rear Window
Season 3
DC Of Love On Thin Ice
Flash  Between A Rock And A Hard Place
Art Attack Twitchers
Christmas Special : Thicker Than Water
Season 4
The Great Escaper Sacked
Fur Coat, No Knickers The Wembley Stadium Mystery
Back To Class
Season 5
Special Branch The Curse Of The Comanches
Cardiac Arrest The Beast Of Hackney Marshes
Best Man Mine's A Larger One
Special : Go West Old Man