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harlequin (1980)

Director Simon Wincer
Cast Robert Powell, David Hemmings
A mysterious (and handsome!) man heals the leukaemia of the son of an important senator and soon he'll be involved with his family, which annoys those who think that this miraculous healer is just a quack who just want to manipulate the senator
Well, this is the sexiest film with Robert Powell! I mean that he's so sensual that any girl will be charmed with him!

The plot of this film is based in a real story: the monk Rasputin and the influence he had over Zar Nicolas II (and here the senator's name is Nick, coincidence?)

This film is extraordinary, the performance are very good, and Robert Powell is marvelous, but in this film he's better than ever! From a sexy magician to an adorable clown he's so lovely. If you haven't seen it, you have to!!!!
My Favorite Scenes  
Two scenes! If you've seen it remember the scene of the party in the Rasts house. You surely agree with me that Robert Powell is so sexy with that earring and make up in his eyes. I liked also when he's dressed on harlequin, wow!