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hannay (1988)

Director  Ken Hannam
Cast Robert Powell, Gavin Richards
Based on the characters created by John Buchan, Hannay is an adventurer who has lived 30 years in South Africa and now he's back to England to live pacefully, but... in these days of pre-war he is confronted to many problems!
For me these series worth a perfect 10/10, these series made me discover Robert Powell! And also I loved the subject, I found it different. Hannay isn't there to solve the problem, but exactly as in The thirty nine steps, he is just the victim of the circumstances.

Also the episodes are well written, the stories are intelligent. Among the current characters I loved the respect-hate relationship between Hannay and the bad guy, Count Von Schwabig, a patriot who is prepared to kill for his country. However, his last appearance in The Terrors Of The Earth in which he saves Hannay amazed me, I don't know why he just appeared once in the second series, too bad because I would have loved to know what happened after this episode (could he have returned as the bad guy?).

There's also something else I loved from these series : even if there's a different "Hannay girl" in each episode, the series are very feminist. All the female leads are strong women for their time, cultivated, independent and - sometimes - wiser than Hannay.
My Favorite Scenes  
Well, it's difficult because each episode is different and had many memorable scenes. I loved the complete series, thanks God they are now available on dvd, because it took me ages to get all the series by my own means! Anyway, my favorite episodes were definitely Coup de Grace and The Terrors Of The Earth, but when I saw the complete series I enjoyed Death With Due Notice.
Episode list
First Season (1998)
The Fellowship Of The Black Stone
A Point Of Honour
Voyage Into Fear
Death With Due Notice
Act Of Riot
The Hazard Of The Die
Second season (1989) 
Coup De Grance
The Terrors Of The Earth
Double Jeopardy
The Good Samaritan
The Confidence Man
That Rough Music
Say The Bells Of Shoreditch