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imperative (1982)

Director Krzystof Zanussi
Cast Robert Powell, Brigitte Fossey, Leslie Caron
Robert (Augustin) wakes up on a snowy morning philosophizing on a high window ledge while his girlfriend belittles him - a morning tiff over reason vs. practicality and senses over thought and FREEDOM - a big theme in the film. "It is not abnormal to try to find one's freedom", says Augustin.

Augustin is trying to make sense of his life, of everything, and not doing a very good job of it. He finds no sense in his life. Is in crisis, but doesn't seem to realize it. Yet, he seeks out psychiatrists, theologians, etc. for answers. He lives in a world of abstractions and ideas and is a mathematics lecturer, no emotions, feelings, no relationship to the human side of things.

When he finally does put himself in touch with spirituality, he profanes the experience, has a breakdown, and repents in a shocking manner - somewhat fulfilling the biblical saying "If your hand commits evil, cut it off; if your eye sins, pluck it out."

Has he learned anything?
This movie is outstanding! The role was written for Robert Powell and he played it marvelously. The story is very deep and it's the kind of film that makes you think after viewing it. You need to see it twice or more just to appreciate the fine cinematography and filming Zanussi gave to the film. The music, the light, the camera movements, everything fits to each dramatical moment of this film.

This film was acclaimed in the Venice Film Festival (1981) and Robert Powell was awarded the best actor for his performance.
During my intensive researches on Robert's career, when I was crazier than now, I managed to contact Zannussi and interviewed him about his collaboration with Robert Powell.

As I'm not a journalist and a failed writer, don't expect as much from me! I wish I would have done better!
You can read the interview by clicking on the reel.
My Favorite Scenes  
You will never see me here putting a shocking picture, too bad for you because in a scene you can see Robert's butt (he, he). But that's not at all my favorite scene! I wonder why it's there because it wasn't necessary  and it could have been perfect without it.

A part from that every second of Robert in this picture is my favorite, every line he speaks is wonderful, I wish I could have the script! The ending is just fantastic and Robert's haunting face is astonishing.