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jude the obscure (1971)

Director Hugh David
Cast Robert Powell, Fiona Walker, Alex Marshall
Jude Fawley has a dream that has consumed most of his life. The dream of education. The distant spires of Christminster and university have beckoned the young stone mason since he was a boy.

However, having extricated himself from his disastrous marriage to pig farmer's daughter Arabella Donn, he seems no nearer to his goal, especially after he is finally rejected from the university. Worse, there seems no way that his relationship with his beloved cousin Sue Bridehead will ever be accepted...
Robert's greatest performance!

This production portraits faithfully Thomas Hardy's final novel with a very talented cast. The performance are superbs, the characters are convincing and touching (first time Robert made me cry!). Ok! Maybe you'll find it very sad an depressing but if you are not acquainted with Hardy or XIXth literature you wont bear this drama. This story reminds me of the Zola's Rougon Macquart books (all of them much more depressing). Fed up with all those happy ends, life is not always very easy!

Which makes it so SAD is because Jude is a young man who really wants to go far beyond his social class, be educated and become a honourable man but fate seems to set against him and Sue Bridehead, his cousin whom he's in love and who is a woman ahead for her time.

Just two details: can anyone explain me why the color of Robert's hair suddenly changes of color??? I suppose it was to make him look older... thanks God he's not blond!
My Favorite Scenes  

Every scene in which Robert cries! 

Just for the record
I'll give you a scoop : Fiona Walker was the girlfriend of Robert Powell at this time. Did they fall in love during The Asphyx or while filming this series? We'll never know!

The other scoop is that when the wife of Sir Lew Grade (the producer of Jesus of Nazareth) saw this tv series she told her husband Robert could be play a credible Jesus. Bless her!

Another curious detail is that the child who plays Juey, Jude's son is Gary Rich, the same boy who played the young Mahler in Ken Russell's Mahler.