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lady killer (1973)

Also Known As The Death Policy
Director Bill Hays
Cast Robert Powell, Barbara Feldon

These tv series were created by Brian Clemens. This was the first episode of the series and starred American actress Barbara Feldon (Get Smart!) as a young newlywed drawn into Robert Powell's clutches. Powell acts the perfect gentleman, outwardly a charmer, but hiding the schemer beneath. 

Feldon is allocated the victim's role in the plot, but begins to have suspicions as to her husband's true intentions. Is anything really what it seems to be? With plot twists here and there, it's easy to try and predict what's to follow, but Clemen's is a master of pulling the wool over your eyes. A superb opener to this classic series.

It is about a businessman named Paul Tanner played by Robert.  He has a wife, Toni, played by Linda Thorson, she is insured for a lot of money.  They decide that they want the money now and they plot to find an exact duplicate for Toni, someone who looks like her.

Paul sets out and finds Jenny Firth played by Barbara Feldon, an innocent tourist from the United States visiting England.  Paul starts talking to her and pretends to really fall for her and then end up getting married.  Now, Paul is still married to Toni, his legal wife. 

The story goes on and Paul keeps up the charade without this innocent girl suspecting anything until one day a friend of Paul shows up and begins to piece the whole plot together.  He informs Paul that he knows what he and Toni, his legal wife, are up to and demands half of the money, so Paul does away with him his next move is to do away with the innocent girl Jenny in order for him and his wife to get all the money. They want to kill Jenny so that the insurance company will think that it is Toni in the end.  I think that this is one of Robert's best movies.

It was made in 1973 in England, and Robert always shines in whatever movie he is in. He is a wonderful actor who can play a man as wonderful and great as Jesus but can also play a bad villian as he did in this movie The death policy.  I wish we could see more of his work as he is a wonderful and brillant actor!
My Favorite Scenes  
There's this scene in which Paul is visited by a supposed friend, who discovers the scheme and Paul, in order to avoid being blackmailed, kills him in such a delicious way that Rober should have played more unbalanced fellows. The laugh he makes driving his wife, upstairs, to think they are having a good time was so scaring!

Robert, you still have time to play villains!!!!