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the long conversation with the bird (1992)

Director Krzystof Zanussi
Cast Robert Powell, Brigitte Fossey
A young girl falls in love of a mature actor. She and her mother manage to go with him on holidays to Thailand, where the mother will try to seduce him, and the daughter will try to draw his attention to her and finally seduce him. The actor follows the game just to feel the pleasure to "being loved", but when he refuses his love to the girl, she runs away from her mother. And her souvenir haunts the actor, who wants to find her.

I find this film too personal, and I really understand what would have been the feelings of the girl. The subject dealt with this film has not been used in many films and that's too bad. Because she's totally the opposite to "Lolita". She's not bitchy at all, she just loves a man that's older than her and she's a teenager (14 years old). She's in the middle of an age in which you are half  child, half young person. Maybe she doesn't know love with someone of her age because she's not interested in boys of her age. Being attracted to mature men happens very often with young women. When Robert's character tries to be nice with her, in her mind she sees the things different. But the actor is a mature man, married, he has his life. And he's in another difficult period in which he has a lot of questions about life, love, his own career, etc.

The construction of the film is finely odd. You start to understand little by little, discovering what you've seen at the begining is in fact part of the end. This film is one of Robert's best, for me it's the best. The story, the filming, the performances, everything is fine. I really wish Zanussi and Powell make another film together!!

My Favorite Scenes  
I liked the scene where John refuses to Laura, after she entered into his room (and into his bed!). When he explains that nothing can happen between them and she cries, he's moved but doesn't want to approach to her. That was magnificent!

I also liked the music very moving, it was perfect with the scenes. Unless I'm wrong, it was Modest Mussorgski's "Pictures at an exhibition". Speaking of music, Laura keeps listening in her walkman Pink Floyd's The Wall.