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il segno del comando (1990)

Director Giulio Questi
Cast Robert Powell, Elena Sophia Ricci, Michel Bouquet

A Cambridge professor finds a mysterious diary written by Lord Byron while he was in Paris, and this diary contains the secret of eternal life: the comand. Invited to Paris to give a lecture about the diary, Edward Foster will discover that unless he find the comando, he'll die on his 40th birthday, that is in just a week.

This is a mini series in the same line than Polanski's The 9th gate. The plot is full of mystery and surnatural phenomena. During the first chapter the plot is well played and one's looking forward to know who's the murderer (in fact, who is?), who's that painter Nicolas and who's that charming girl always dressed in red who calls Edward by the name of Nicolas? In the second chapter we can discover the mystery step by step... but at the end (I won't tell you!) everything goes down! An interesting plot is spoiled with an end in which everybody is the bad guy!

Robert Powell is perfect with his role of tormented widower and alcoholic. By the way, in many occasions we can see the picture of the late Edward's wife and...is she Babs? she looks like!

Joke of the day : the alternate title for this series was "The Byron Code"  and you shall soon find the "Segno del comando" tour of Paris in this site! (it's a joke but I thought about it!)

My Favorite Scenes  

Well, obviously my favourite scenes include the furtive encounters with the mysterious red-dressed girl! But there's also one scene I like and that's when Robert goes to a church whose priest seem to know something about the comando, but he daren't tell him.

The scene happens in the confessionnal, the priest say the same thing as always "tell me your sins" (or something like that) and Robert drops the mysterious knife that he always find in his room, and says "I'm looking for a murderer...", the priest, appalled, runs away. And Robert, with that manner to leave the confessionnal and that threatening look in his eyes... wow!