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the thirty nine steps (1978)

Director Don Sharp
Cast Robert Powell, John Mills, Eric Porter, David Warner
It's 1914, Colonel Scudder unearths a plot to assassinate the Greek Prime Minister in London. He confides his fears in two Cabinet Ministers, who are mysteriously murdered. Fearing for his life Scudder takes refuge in Richard Hannay's apartment, who consequently becomes and innocent victim caught in the web of espionage. When Scudder is also murdered, Hannay is the only suspect and to claim his innocence he has to solve the mystery of the thirty nine steps.

This film is excellent, Robert Powell was born to play Richard Hannay (that's why ten years later he was to taken the same character for a tv series).

Just because I'm so curious I read the novel by John Buchan and I'll just tell you that if this film is much more closer (much more!) to the novel than the Hitchcock one, it has NOTHING TO DO with the novel. Frankly, the film is much better. Just let me tell you that the film is closer to the book until the moment Hannay takes refuge in a hermit's hut. In the book you can read 40 more pages without nothing interesting... ten more pages and we ignore what the 39 steps are... half a page to finish the book and we still don't know what the hell the 39 steps are.... ah! finally everything is solved in five lines! anyway, the war was inevitable!

* don't trust me, sometimes I exaggerate

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