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holby city (2005)


Tina Hobley, Robert Powell, Amanda Mealing, Patricia Potter, Sharon Maughan
The everyday lifes and loves of the Holby City General Hospital.


This TV series is broadcasted in England by the BBC and it's a soap that has lasted for nearly 10 years and it's a spin-off of another hospital drama called Casualty (kind of UK version of ER).

There are a lot of characters in these series, so as I'm not a fan nor a pro I don't want to get lost on explanations. All I can say is that is the classical hospital drama with patients dying or surviving everyweek, nurses and doctors falling in love, getting married, getting divorced, getting pregnant, losing babies, etc.

I've managed to see some episodes (mainly those with Robert on it, otherwise I'm not interested by these series), thank's to the BBC's Holby City site I can follow the series.

Robert plays a nurse (and with a nurse like him who wouldn't like to be at the hospital?) and he's the ex-husband and father of two other nurses. Just for the record, his character's ex-wife Tricia (Sharon Maughan) played in the Hannay episode The Good Samaritan.

Robert's character Mark is so sweet that I just can't understand why the hell he and Tricia got divorced and why he didn't care for his daughter Chrissie. Then miraculously the family is reunited and everything is OK until Mark discovers in fact he isn't Chrissie's father... but his half brother. Well, it was too much for me (too silly), and six months after I try to follow up what happened next (yes, 6 months because there are the other staff stories that have to develop).

So this is a soap and the story is like all soaps... I don't like soaps so I'll stop saying this word! It's a pleasure to see him active on tv, but I believe he worths much better than this series.

My Favorite Scenes  

Anytime he appears is my favorite scene! However, when I saw the part in which Tricia tells Mark the truth about Chrissie, he acted it very well, I felt sorry for him. Oh that's why I love Robert so much! He has this unique ability to pass feelings and emotions through his performance.