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You must be asking yourself if Robert, in his many talents, has also written some books? Well, indeed he is not a writer and he hasn't written any book (not yet, but he could write his own biography!).

However, he has appeared in one way or another in some books. This section will present each one of them to you. Of course the list is not exhaustive, but at least it's as complete as I could gather. 
Title Jesus of Nazareth
Writer William Barclay
This book was released at the time Jesus of Nazareth was broadcasted all around the world. It 's the novelized version of the mini-series, adapted by William Barclay from the screenplay of  Anthony Burgess. This book was released on hard cover and paperback and it's illustrated with many beautiful pictures from the mini-series.
My Robert Powell collection contains both releases. I got two paperbacks, one from Ebay and I found the other one in a second-hand book sell in England. I have the hard cover in English (from Ebay also) and in French (I "borrowed" from a public library!).
Title The Detectives File : The Shocking Truth About Britain's Worst Cops!
Writer Steve Kight, Mike Whitehill
This book was released when The Detectives was very popular. Basically it contains a file full of proofs of Briggs and Louis incompetence. It's extremely funny to read and it's illustrated with pictures from the series. I loved the novel written by Briggs (hilarating!) and of course the file : "Why drugs are bad" in which Briggs appears smoking a giant joint.
Title The Jigsaw Man
Writer Dorothea Bennett
I found this book in another second-hand book sell in Dublin (I was on holidays, don't think I'm going over there just to find Robert Powell collectibles!).
This book contains the real novel in which the film is based on. I wish the film could have been closer to the book because Robert's part was more interesting and more important.
Anyway,  it's just a novel, not great literature, but it was pleasant to read and much more entertaining than the film. You can see a little picture of Robert at the back cover.
Title Jude the Obscure
Writer Thomas Hardy
This is just Thomas Hardy's novel, but this edition is interesting just because it has Robert's picture from the mini-series.

Sadly, I don't have this book. I need to run to England and find a second-hand book fair!
Title The Thirty Nine Steps
Writer John Buchan
This is not the "official" Thirty Nine Steps novel. This is a special edition from Penguin Collection adressed to foreigners. The book is abridged and many words are changed so it's easy to understand for foreigners. The publishers had the excellent idea to put Robert's wonderful scene in The Thirty Nine Steps on the cover.
I wish to thanks to my friend Angelica for sending me this copy!
Title The Island of Sheep / Mr Standfast
Writer John Buchan
When the Hannay tv series were broadcasted back in the 80's, the Penguin Collection decided to release all the Hannay books by John Buchan with the beautiful face of Robert on the cover. I've just found these two (and still haven't read them! shame on me!). They could have taken another picture from Hannay though! both are the same from The Fellowship of the Black Stone.
Title Zeffirelli
Writer Franco Zeffirelli
This is Franco Zefirelli's biography. It's worth reading even if it just has a chapter dedicated to Jesus of Nazareth and about half a page about Robert's casting as Jesus and the Crucifixion scene. I just loved it!
Title Franco Zeffirelli's Jesus: A Spiritual Diary
Writer Franco Zeffirelli
A moving account of the film from conception through its final shot and the effects it has had on viewers. Of special note is the director's recounting of his prime motivation in making the film: to put an end to the belief that the Jews killed Jesus.
I took the above description from Amazon, unfortunately I haven't read nor found this book yet!
Title Time to die
Writer Krzysztof Zannussi
This is Zannussi's biography, the title is in English but it's a translation from the original title in Polish. This book contains also a chapter in which Zannussi describes the filming of Imperative with Robert Powell and how he fought for the part. You'll read the details in the interview I made to Mr Zannussi.

It seems these book is only available in Polish. I haven't found it but Mr Zannussi was very kind to send me copies of the pages in which he talks about Robert. However, I can't read Polish so I don't know what exactly it says!